All About AR Pet N' Stuff

We are a mother son duo that love our two small dogs. With money being tight we wanted to pamper our girls like everyone else but at a lower quality price. Our pets and consumers deserve to have our pets feel and look good but not pay the big store prices.

Living in a cold climate our girls were having a hard time being outside for very long without freezing. Exercising was short but their weight was not. My son said “if only they had a coat and boots so they would be warm.” The idea of fashion along with practicality for pet clothing was hatched.

My son also likes to clip our dogs’ nails but we haven’t found a good clipper yet. I have been researching for pet grooming products along with clothing so I thought why don’t I sell the products I find so others didn’t have to search.

Now we want our small dogs to be the best-groomed good-looking dogs in the neighborhood.
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